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2MoRO is an innovative company dedicated to software development for the Aerospace market. We also have been playing a significant part in hosting European Research & Development programs aimed specifically at pioneering new technologies and READ MORE...

Aircraft Data Systems

ADS Aircraft-Maintenance-Records

Aircraft Data Systems (ADS) was created in 2005. It is located in Nimes Airport in France, 45 kilometers away from two major south-of-France airports - Marseille and Montpellier.   A.D.S is a company specializing in aviation industry. A.D.S. is proposing READ MORE...



Always more reliable, always more available and always competitively priced. ADSoftware is an IT company based in France, Thailand, Brazil and South Africa. The company has developed a fleet management system and logistic package called AIRPACK which READ MORE...

Cimber Air Data


Company 25 years of successful design, development and implementation makes Cimber Air Data (CAD) one of the most seasoned players in the business.  Our staff averages over 15 years of experience in Aviation MRO.  Close contact with our customers assure READ MORE...

EXSYN Aviation Solutions

Avilytics, TITAN, Consulting Service, AMOS Support

EXSYN's Solutions Avilytics                                            TITAN Achieve optimal fleet availability against the lowest costs. Data within an airline's technical READ MORE...

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