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Main Contact: Claudia Wolf

Telephone: +31 (0) 20 760 8200



Address: Beech Avenue 121, 1119 RB, Amsterdam-Airport Schiphol

EXSYN Aviation Solutions

EXSYN Aviation Solutions provides software solutions for engineering reliability management, data migration, software integration, and data cleansing. We are supporting and advising airlines in adapting to a more digitized aviation world. At EXSYN we do not only talk theoretically about data, but we work practically with data .EXSYN, acronym for EXploring SYNergie, has the privilege to work together with well-known flag carriers, regional and low-cost carriers. We support our customers in adopting innovative aviation solutions & digital technology to make them operate more effective, reduce human induced errors and ensure sustainability. To put it in a nutshell: For us it is all about Data, Digitizing & Development

Avilytics, TITAN, Custom Solutions, Consulting Service, Interface Design, AMOS-care


EXSYN Aviation Solutions was founded with the purpose to support and advise airlines and MRO's in adapting their processes to an increasingly digital aviation world. Since EXSYN’s inception the company has grown from a solely aviation consulting business to an aviation IT solution and managed service provider so that airlines and MRO's:

increase efficiency, automation & sustainability
reduce costs, manual data entry & human induced errors

EXSYN Aviation Solutions is specialized in the field of aircraft data, analytics & processing.

EXSYN's Solutions

Avilytics                                            TITAN

Avilytics is a NextGen aviation analytics software tool specifically designed for aviation Engineering & Maintenance. The focus is on aircraft reliability management combining real-time, historic, and predictive capabilities.
Aircraft data migration service combining in-depth expertise on aircraft data, data migration processes, and aircraft data processing tool. 

Custom Solutions                              Interface Design

Custom aviation solution design service for Airline and MRO Engineering & Maintenance departments

A customized aircraft data integration service  to automatically and continuously exchange information between various systems in Aviation Maintenance & Engineering

                                                                       AMOS-care                               Consulting Service

A solution that provides all-round AMOS support services in order to get the most benefit out of AMOS.

Aviation consulting service around MRO software implementation to guide an airline or MRO in the process of enabling optimal benefits out of their engineering and maintenance processes, current  MRO software, or selecting a new MRO software.