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Main Contact: Paul Crabb

Telephone: +44 20 3440 4128



Address: Output42 Ltd. 200 Aldersgate Street London EC1A 4HD, UK


BladeFix is an app that selects the optimal replacement blades from your stock faster.


Easy, fast, mobile and intuitive

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BladeFix is an app that selects the optimal replacement blades from your stock faster.

How does BladeFix help?

Choosing the best blade for balance

BladeFix knows the moment weights of all the engines existing blades and also the moment weights of all the blades available in stock. It uses several mathematical techniques including Heuristics and Optimisers to solve the problem of selecting or swapping the right blades.

Choosing the best blades for turnaround time

Replacement engine fan blades are often held in several locations for an airline. Ideally blades from the closest location should be selected to minimise delivery time. Whenever possible BladeFix offers such a solution.
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