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CORENA Knowledge Center

CORENA Knowledge Center combines the capabilities of a DMS, CSDB, CMS, and CCMS to take content lifecycle management to a new level in which any form of content can be leveraged.

CORENA Knowledge Center optimizes technical and procedural performance for downstream delivery and consumption products such as CORENA Portal, Pinpoint and Pinpoint Mobile apps. Well augmented by its strong integrations with CORENA Studio and CORENA Insight, CORENA Knowledge Center is highly configurable to support aerospace, airline, rail, marine and military technical information and associated production processes in multiple industry specifications.

CORENA Knowledge Center is the optimization hub for the CORENA Suite. With sophisticated features for managing both modular content and the publication assembly process, CORENA Knowledge Center is the most advanced total solution available for making your business more responsive  and profitable.

Automated Import and Processing for ATA and S1000D Document Types
  • Reduces data processing time and costs
Versioning, Access Control, and Rollback Features
  • Provide compliance traceability and improved audit response times
OEM Revision Management Tightly Couple with Authoring Environment
  • Speeds up revision times, improves author productivity.
Powerful Publishing Capabilities:
  • Effectivity and applicability-driven fleet and tail-specific publishing.
  • Full and incremental change package publishing.
  • Publishing to connected or disconnected IETPs, mobile devices, and physical media (DVDs)
  • Publish to external systems, such as EFBs, ECMs, etc.