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Main Contact: Chris Reed

Telephone: +44 1403 275 353



Address: 2601 South Bayshore Drive, SBS Tower, Suite 500, Coconut Grove, Florida 33133

Trax Inc.

TRAX is the undisputed global leader in the aviation Maintenance and Engineering software industry. The TRAX Maintenance solution has been developed - with Airlines and for Airlines - to provide the most comprehensive and advanced maintenance software solution available today.  TRAX Maintenance has been selected by over one hundred and thirty airlines worldwide with fleets consisting of all types of aircraft. 


Trax is committed to providing the best possible software solutions and service to their customers around the world. eMRO has been developed with our users to provide what is the most comprehensive and advanced maintenance software solution available today, with the best sales and implementation record of any M&E solution provider ever.

The system has been updated to include the latest operating systems. The Oracle database runs version 11g.

The new Web-based version of Trax called eMRO (which is supported inline with the traditional version) and a revised GUI for the existing product has been released. Mobile access and PDA support have been added for many functions within eMRO, particularly in the Warehouse Management Area. 

New functions include Long Range Planning and E-enabled aircraft capabilities.

Biometric security (fingerprint recognition) and smart cards are available throughout the eMRO system. LDAP capability and further Windows Networking security has been added. RFID has been added for Inventory functions and will continue to be deployed thru the system in the future.

The new Web-Based version of Trax can use either .NET or Java, this allows for a true web-based application deployment.

New Technology developments include the use of new Windows Surface user interface capabilities (Touch and handwriting recognition).

User group meetings and specialist seminars are held on a regular basis. These are proving useful to the user community in terms of relaying their continually changing requirements to Trax – and allowing Trax to stay at the leading edge of industry developments.


The eMRO system is a fully integrated product, which allows complete information flow between the modules in the system. Individual modules can be implemented separately, although implementing all modules will attain maximum benefit. 

The software will provide the means to manage and maintain all information generated by a maintenance organization. Improved efficiency and lower costs can be achieved through the use of this product.

Click on each of the available modules to view the areas that the system currently covers.