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Main Contact: Marketing Coordinator

Telephone: +1 (519) 691-0919



Address: AV-BASE Systems, Inc. 120 Bessemer Road London, Ontario N6E 1R2

AV-BASE Systems, Inc.

AV-BASE Systems develops and supports the successful series of WinAir maintenance and inventory software solutions. With over 20 years committed to the aviation industry, WinAir is a proven solution to increase operational efficiency and harmonize departments in even the most complex operations. The WinAir Series includes 24/7 technical support, top tier help and documentation as well as professional training and implementation options. WinAir users span the globe and include Airlines, Government Operations, MROs, Military Operations, Law Enforcement Agencies, Corporate Aviation Firms, Medical Evacuation Organizations, and many other aviation operations.


Our Company

AV-BASE Systems Inc. has been designing, developing and implementing aviation management software for over twenty years. Our first application, the DOS based AV-BASE, was a true pioneer. It afforded one of the first means of digital record-keeping and live inventory management in the aviation industry. With the arrival of Microsoft Windows, AV-BASE evolved into the popular WinAir program. Many of those original AV-BASE customers enjoyed a relatively seamless transition to a modern, mature system while maintaining their years of accumulated data. Although simple, WinAir's scope and capability satisfies users at all levels. We owe our success to our dedication to both the product and clients, offering frequent improvements and new features in response to feedback from our customers.

Our Solution

The key to profitability in the aviation industry, is to gain efficiencies without compromising compliance. WinAir offers just that and is offered at different levels to fit any operation. Using WinAir it is possible to have:

  • Reduced turnaround times
  • Lean, yet prepared inventories
  • Increased value of aircraft and other assets
  • Maximized component service lives
  • Instant access to important information and comprehensive reports
  • Increased accuracy of invoices and job costs
  • Synchronization of departments and processes
  • No fault found audits
  • Reduced operational redundancy
  • Identified warranty claims
  • Escalated maintenance programs

Software Editions

Take advantage of a proven solution at the level suits your performance and budget requirements. Operators keen to meet budget can get started with WinAir and grow into features that will unleash new potential from their existing database.

WinAir Enterprise

Flagship Solution for complex operations


 WinAir Pro-SQL

Robust system designed for large operators


 WinAir Express

Expandable system designed for mid-sized operations