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More about dent&buckle

Dent & Buckle

Record damages and repairs accurately in an intuitive and user friendly 3D environment. Use one solution for a complete aircraft fleet consisting of multiple airliner types.

Streamlined procedures

We provide airline operators with the means to streamline procedures and reduce the costs of recording damages and repairs on aircraft. With dent & buckle airlines now have an easy to use tool to track damages from first discovery through to the repair stages, and subsequently, tracking of the repair.

The path for transmitting critical information from the field to MRO engineering systems at the home base can now be shortened and the clarity of information increased.



Keep repaired parts under control during part exchange once they are recorded in dent & buckle.

Go mobile

Use mobile technology for recording damage and completing surveys and synchronise with aircrafts MRO systems. All major operating systems supported including Android, iOS and Windows.

Keep control

Keep full control of all supporting data, photos, associated files and approval papers in a secure and easily accessible way.