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Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Manager.

The Maintenance Manager module is designed to manage the planning of work and its subsequent performance and monitoring. It employs sophisticated tools for the visualization of planning and the use of forecasting for workorder creation as well as the ability to incorporate resource usage information when coupled with the Resource manager and requisitioning information when coupled with the Materials Manager.

The Maintenance manager allows you to plan and perform workorders. Using the functionality of the resource information stored in the core configuration, businesses are able to plan work and see the effect of that planned work on the resource capability of your organisation.

Workorders can be managed in groups most suited to the organisation of your business and can be configured to pass transactional information to your chart of accounts when used in conjunction with the Finance manager module. Furthermore, the design and control over the creation of engineering instruction workcards is entirely at your command using MSWord as the design tool. Creation of customer specific workcards for businesses providing third party maintenance services therefore is a standard feature of Envision.

The Maintenance manager module brings together elements of functionality from other manager modules as well. Importing open deferred defects originally raised in the Documents and records manager and combining that with spares availability managed from the Materials manager is a good example of such interaction. ADD management screens within the module help combine such important information and give Maintenance Controllers excellent decision support capabilities.

Graphical representations of whole organizations and/or specific facilities can display both confirmed and planned workorders. Your maintenance planners now have interactive ‘planning boards’ that accurately represent your facility and can plan checks accordingly. This information can also be fed into the capacity plan which can be over laid onto the maintenance plan.

Workorder management also includes status monitoring and the ability to import work either from a maintenance forecast or on an ad-hoc basis. Work imported is controlled by the core configuration of the aircraft model tree to ensure correct compliance, crucially, any work not imported is held for analysis by planning with a reason as to why it was not imported—thoughtful additions such as these help your team continuously improve the quality of your business information held within Envision.

As a further tool, it is also possible to export workorder information in xml format and such functionality is employed by Envisions ability to integrate with the Airbus Job Card Publishing system and ADOC. Other CMS systems can also be supported.

In summary,

Maintenance Manager
  • Work planning management and performance monitoring
  • Sophisticated tools to visualise current open workload across your business
  • Forecasting for work order creation, incorporating resource usage information from the Configuration and Resource Manager and requisitioning information from the Materials Manager
  • Effective capacity planning combining multiple streams of information
  • Shop floor data capture for accurate performance analysis to improve efficiency

Functionality includes:
  • Maintenance planning
  • Defect control
  • Workorder management