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IDMR Solutions- Paperless Aviation Maintenance Task Cards & Auditing Software Demo On-Demand Webinar [Pre-recorded]

On-Demand Webinar Title:  Paperless Aviation Maintenance Task Cards and Auditing Software Demo On-Demand Webinar [inc: Manuals / Document Management, e-signatures, M&E System Integration, Vendor Auditing, more...]

Host: IDMR Solutions
Date Recorded: 7th September 2017
Duration: 36 minutes

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Webinar Overview:

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 7th September 2017) and join the paperless aviation maintenance specialists IDMR Solutions as they walk you through two recent updates and additions to their software suite. Using live demonstrations of the powerful InForm software system you will see how to establish or enhance a truly paperless maintenance process including generating task cards, work orders / packages, with any M&E system, e-signatures and more. You will also see a demo of a new ground-breaking audit module, allowing airlines, MROs and aircraft operators the ability to audit their Vendors in a paperless format.

The Webinar begins will a full overview of the IDMR InForm software suite which provides their customers with a truly paperless end-to-end aviation maintenance environment including task cards, e-signatures, storing and revision of documents, approval workflow and package / work orders. You will then see demos of two new modules - firstly InForm TC Bundle for generating electronic task cards and work orders, and secondly InForm Audit for generating an automated paperless audit for each of your Vendors. As you will see all the solutions are available on all devices and at any location.

Demo 1: InForm Bundle for generating Electronic Task Cards and Work Orders / Packages

You will see the following key functionality:
  1. Task Card: All users have the option to generate task cards on the same level as the OEMs using a user interface based on actual templates of your existing task cards. You have full control of who accesses the task cards along with revision control.
  2. Package Import Capabilities: You will see that the work order / package is simply imported with your M&E system using Excel or CSV via the same import wizard.
  3. Package Output Capabilities: You will see a variety of reports such as open/close panels, consumables, tools, exceptions and components which are available in PDF and Excel.
  4. Dashboard Features: In real time, track open task cards and the current status of work in progress, which employee is assigned to what task and additional info on a specific task, vendor or employee.
  5. Import and Export Capabilities: Import master tables such as aircraft tools, zones, references and panels tables via Excel. You will also see how the system provides quick exports for task cards, eTasks, eNR with XML sign off capabilities for further integration with your M&E system.
  6. System Parameters: How to make the system your own, including uploading company name, set your own form number and import your master tables.
Demo 2: Inform Audit for Paperless Auditing of your Vendors

Next you will see how this powerful new module provides the tools required to create a paperless, automated real-time auditing process to track schedules, follow-up dates, record actions and findings and much more, for each of your Vendors.  You will see the following functionality:
  1. Vendor screen: A Vendor list with a clear contact screen with all the info needed such as contact info, last and next audit date, last audit score and count of any actions pending.
  2. Creating an Audit: Create customizable audit forms and checklists for your approved vendors
  3. Automated Processes: Live follow up and automated notifications, alerts and actions when the audit date is approaching. Other features include: checklists requirements pre-loaded, option to add other checklists, integrated workflows.
  4. Mobile Capabilities: Your auditors are equipped with all the audit forms to hand using any mobile device from any location worldwide.
  5. Customizable Capabilities for a Successful Audit: The system is fully customizable including: checklists and questions, workflows, and interdependencies of checklists with actions and CARs, reporting and BI.
  6. Dashboard: See the status of the audit in real time. You can also analyse your Vendors' performance and review year on year audit results.  The ability to drill down reporting to review problematic questions and address this with your team and vendor to make sure the situation does not repeat itself.
Webinar Agenda:
  • Introduction to IDMR Solutions
  • InForm Bundle Demo
    - Task Card
    - Package Import Capabilities
    - Package Output Capabilities
    - Dashboard Features
    - Imports
    - Export Capabilities
    - System Parameters
  • InForm Audit Demo
    - Current Audit Process
    - Vendor Screen
    - Creating an Audit
    - Automated Processes
    - Auto Scheduler
    - Mobile Capabilities
    - Customizable Capabilities for a successful audit
    - Dashboard
  • Questions and Answers
About the Aircraft IT Webinar Series:

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