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Seabury Solutions - Alkym Aircraft Maintenance Software Demo & Overview On-Demand Webinar [Pre-recorded]

On-Demand Webinar Title:
 Seabury Solutions Alkym Aircraft Maintenance Software Demo & Overview On-Demand Webinar [inc. Mobile Maintenance Demo (iOS /Android); Paperless functionality; Latest System Upgrade – Alkym 7 Web, Cloud Hosting, Web-Based, more….]

Host: Seabury Solutions
Date Recorded: 24th May 2018
Duration: 71 minutes

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Webinar Overview

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 24th May 2018) for an excellent chance to see a full overview and live online demo of one of the industry’s leading, most cost-effective, aircraft maintenance management software solutions: Alkym from Seabury Solutions - as used by over 80 airlines, operators and OEMs of all sizes worldwide. During the Webinar Seabury Solutions experts will walk you through the software, its modules and the latest developments, including a demo of the latest system upgrade (Alkym 7 Web), showing how it utilizes web and cloud-hosting technologies to deliver seamless data integration alongside mobile applications, which as you will see, allows engineers to access their key modules and information from any location.

The webinar begins with a high-level overview and demo of Alkym 7 Web, its modules and the rich functionality that the system provides, covering all aspects related to aircraft maintenance.  You will see how it can be deployed on the cloud as a web-based solution (using Microsoft .NET) ensuring minimal IT resources and a future proofed solution, whilst delivering a proven, functionality rich, end-to-end aircraft maintenance system.  Next you will see a demo of the latest mobile solutions, specifically how line and production staff have instant access to work requirements and materials needed, before you are shown a demo of the new advanced built-in Business Intelligence dashboard that Alkym 7 Web provides. 

The Webinar is divided into three key areas:
  • Overview of Alkym functionality: You will be taken on a tour of the 18 different modules (inc: Maintenance Control, Technical Library, QA, Planning, Engineering, Workshop, Reliability, etc) and supplemental tools available for any M&E or MRO operation. The seamless integration between the functional areas allows organizations to truly have 'one version of the truth' and provides a one-stop solution covering all the key aspects related to aircraft maintenance.
  • Alkym System Demo 1: Mobile Maintenance. Next you will see a demo of the latest version of the mobile iOS / Android application and see how line and production staff can access their key information and modules from any location. With Work Order generation and resource management controlled in the main Alkym application the end users have instant access to the work requirements / paperwork or materials needed.
  • Alkym System Demo 2: The new UX / UI and Business Intelligence Dashboards: Finally you will see a demo of the new advanced built-in Business Intelligence dashboards. The dashboards can be edited / configured to ensure the right information is presented to individual users. This is complimented with the new end-user design reporting features. You will see the benefits generated from customized reporting integrated to Alkym. As you will see this optimal use of data is combined with enhanced filtering and search capabilities.
Webinar Agenda:
  • An Introduction to Seabury Solutions and Alkym 7 Web
  • A high-level overview of Alkym with available modules and tools
  • Software Demo Scenario 1: Alkym 7 Web Launch and UX / UI
  • Software Demo Scenario 2: Mobile Maintenance 
  • Hear about our latest deployments with 5 new customer announcements already for 2018
  • Questions and Answers
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