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FREQUENTIS, Qantas and Smart4Aviation win IHS Janes Technology award for innovative route optimising flight planning platform

Annual ATC awards 2019 recognise Frequentis, Qantas and Smart4aviation for enabling flight efficiency and fuel savings. The annual IHS Jane’s ATC awards 2019 took place again at World ATM Congress in Madrid to reward companies and projects across six categories for their work over the previous 12 months.

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EFB Mobile Apps for Pilots and Cabin Crew Software Demo Webinar

Webinar Session 1 - 07:30 GMT/UTC - 4th April 2019 - EFB Mobile Apps for Pilots and Cabin Crew Softw

Webinar Session 2 - 15:30 GMT/UTC - 4th April 2019 - EFB Mobile Apps for Pilots and Cabin Crew Softw

Register to attend this webinar for a full overview and demo of Smart4Aviation’s sophisticated, yet simple, modular application that’s been designed specifically for both Pilots and Cabin Crews to use. Smart Mobile is designed for and available on iOS, Windows and Android devices. During the webinar, Smart4Aviation will demonstrate how one central portal containing all the required modules can provide you with instant access to all the required information in a single tap. This process completely improves your efficiency and quality of service as it allows aircrew to quickly access critical information instead of wasting precious time searching through different systems.

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