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Air Europa introduces innovative in-flight entertainment


Lufthansa Systems
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Air Europa introduces innovative in-flight entertainment
Lufthansa Systems, Lufthansa Technik and Epteca collaborate to produce a flexible and secure IFE solution with personalized content / Two additional new customers

Raunheim/Long Beach, September 28, 2017 – Starting in 2018, Spanish airline Air Europa will offer its passengers a comprehensive in-flight entertainment service. Passengers can enjoy films, TV series, music and personalized content relevant for their trip on their own smartphones and tablets. At the same time, the airline will benefit from the simple, quick, cost-efficient and secure installation of these systems. By signing this agreement, Air Europa is placing its trust in a strong collaboration between Lufthansa Systems, Lufthansa Technik and Epteca. The new in-flight entertainment (IFE) solution will be rolled out across the Air Europa fleet’s 15 Boeing 737s and 11 Embraer 195s starting in early 2018.

“Product differentiation and personalized services are becoming increasingly important when it comes to offering passengers a unique onboard experience. The open architecture of the digital BoardConnect platform and seamless integration with Epteca personalized ancillary offerings makes it exactly the right choice for us,” said Alexis Capdevila; IFEC Manager at Air Europa. “BoardConnect Portable, combined with the Power & Safe solution, also offers us an IFE solution that is completely flexible yet also simple and secure to use.”
This innovative concept is being implemented based on the digital BoardConnect 5.0 platform. The latest cloud container technology enables the fast and flexible use of new services such as Epteca’s travel platform. Epteca is a partner of Lufthansa Systems in the field of travel ancillary revenues. Like a personalized in-flight concierge, the platform is able to present valued information and context-specific offers tailored to satisfy the individual needs of passengers. In addition to offering booking options for tourist attractions and tickets at the appropriate destination, the platform also includes shopping and new and expanded advertising opportunities. This benefits passengers, as it ensures they receive only valuable personalized offers that are relevant to them, while the airline in turn benefits from additional revenues. This new service will give Air Europa an edge over its competitors.

BoardConnect Portable with Power & Safe solution 
BoardConnect Portable is being installed at Air Europa for the first time together with the Power & Safe solution developed by Lufthansa Technik in close cooperation with Lufthansa Systems. This means that the BoardConnect Portable Mobile Streaming Unit (MSU) will be stowed in a safe inside the overhead storage compartment. Placing an additional power supply inside the baggage compartment eliminates the need for battery replacement.

This offers airlines a smart way of securing their IFE system and preventing unauthorized access, and provides optimal protection for valuable content – from Hollywood blockbusters and TV shows to music. The safe was developed using state-of-the-art production processes and robust materials for optimum use of space in the baggage compartment. Installation costs are also minimal, making it the perfect fit for the BoardConnect Portable concept.

BoardConnect Portable is an all-in-one solution that combines all technical components such as a server and access points in a single device called Mobile Streaming Unit (MSU). MSUs are about the size of a conventional tablet computer, which is why they qualify as non-permanently installed equipment and can easily be mounted or removed – including the safe – without affecting other components in the aircraft. This eliminates high costs for hardware, fitting and certification.

“We are confident about this concept, which combines the benefits of both a portable and an installed IFE solution, and are sure that other airlines will soon follow Air Europa’s lead. Flexible IFE systems are the future for the low-cost sector and on short and medium-haul routes in particular,” said Jan-Peter Gaense, Director Project & Certification at Lufthansa Systems. “We look forward to working with Air Europa and our strong collaboration partners.”

Further new customers

In addition, two more carriers have selected BoardConnect. One of them is currently implementing the classic IFE solution and will announce the Go-Live later this year. The other airline is about to finalize the Go-Live planning with BoardConnect Portable. Its name will be announced in the coming weeks. Together with SpiceJet, who signed for BoardConnect Portable earlier this year, Lufthansa Systems will increase the number of aircraft using a BoardConnect product to almost 700.

Air Europa is a member of the SkyTeam alliance, comprising 20 airlines that provide access to a global network with more than 16,270 flights per day to 1,057 destinations in 179 countries. Air Europa’s fleet is one of the most modern on the continent. It consists of 51 aircraft with an average age of not more than 4 years. The company is part of the Globalia Group, the largest Spanish tourism conglomerate, and is a leader in environmental conservation processes. In 2011 a report from the German environmental organisation Atmosfair described Air Europa as “the most efficient airline in the world in short- to medium-haul flights”. In 2016 it carried more than 10.6 million passengers.

Caption (Copyright: Lufthansa Systems): Thanks to BoardConnect Portable and Epteca, Air Europa passengers will soon be able to access fantastic in-flight entertainment and personalized offers using their own smartphones and tablets.