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Altran and Microsoft present Flight Focus’ innovative Electronic Flight Bag solution for Aircraft connectivity


Flight Focus
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On the occasion of the 2013 Paris Air Show from 17 to 23 June, Altran and Microsoft Corporation will highlight their strategic partnership in IT and Business Intelligence with a first innovation in the domain of Aircraft connectivity. Altran, Microsoft and Flight Focus will present “NavigaSuite”, the first suite of Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) applications designed by Altran and integrated by Flight Focus on the Windows 8 platform.

Repositioned as an open platform provider with total independence regarding EFB application providers, the company Flight Focus, which recently installed and certified their Cabin Inflight WiFi platform for Inflight Entertainment & Connectivity on Air China’s A330s, demonstrates a fully Integrated Tablet Management solution with this prototype. By integrating the “NavigaSuite”, the Flight Focus open avionics platform offers a seamlessly integrated, customised and secure connected flight deck solution that optimizes flight operations and simplifies pilot mission.

Everything the pilot needs is integrated in a seamless environment: pre-flight check in, workflow for missions, manuals and charts, as well as the possibility of selecting the data sets they require in a clipboard, and sending messages to flight operations, all in a seamless environment. The Mail App is automatically installed in Windows 8 and used as the official messaging tool for pilots and flight operations.

Built on the Windows 8 platform, the Connected EFB for the Airline industry is a mission-critical, enterprise-class solution designed to manage pre-flight, flight and file operations for the cockpit. The new prototype allows pilots to perform their tasks in a simple yet immersive way, while providing the high level of security required by the flight deck” said Jean-Philippe Courtois, the President of Microsoft International.

For this project, Microsoft and Altran have pooled their expertise to deliver the architecture, specifications, development and tests for the “NavigaSuite”. We collaborated with Flight Focus to enable Windows 8 connectivity and support aircraft interfacing (drivers and security). Altran can fast-track any software application development with its Altran Mobile Factory, design tailored connected apps and solutions for airlines and operators, and is the best equipped partner for a custom-made, connected EFB project leveraging Flight Focus technology, said Sebastien Renouard, Altran’s Executive Director – Aerospace, Defence and Railways.

With this demonstrator, airlines can now implement their Connected EFB project using the Flight Focus open avionics platform for cockpit and cabin, either by using the new, ready-to-use “NavigaSuite” of EFB apps from PT Naviga Tech powered by Windows 8 tablets, or by designing their own solutions based on the Flight Focus platform”, said Ralf Cabos, Managing Director of Flight Focus.

Get connected at the Altran Chalet and discover the demonstrator.

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About Flight Focus

Flight Focus is a certified provider of leading edge avionics platform solutions for Cockpit and Cabin, and an innovative systems integrator for aircraft connectivity (DOA/POA/MRO from CAAS & EASA).

The company designs, develops, manufactures and delivers open computing and communications platform configurations, and integrates versatile 3rd-party applications to enable Connected EFB, as well as Wireless IFE & Connectivity solutions and services.

Flight Focus allows partners to benefit from state-of-the art and ready-made open platform configurations to offer best quality of service as well as enhanced performance in all environments (Android, iOS and Windows 8).

Flight Focus enables airlines to build their own EFB or IFE while reducing their costs (fuel, paper, communications, and operations), enhancing flight safety with real-time connectivity, and creating new communication and entertainment ancillary revenues.

Leveraging its end-to-end vertical integration services from design and in-house certification to technical support and system upgrades, 100+ aircraft are already equipped with the company’s proven technology and turnkey expertise.

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