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Gogo Business Aviation Expands Cockpit App Support For Atg 1000


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Gogo Business Aviation Expands Cockpit App Support For Atg 1000

New apps for Gogo’s ATG 1000 allow pilots of light aircraft fly more safely and efficiently

OSHKOSH, Wis. – July 26, 2016 – As part of its ongoing smart airplane strategy, Gogo Business Aviation (NASDAQ: GOGO) today announces new cockpit and operational applications for use with its ATG 1000 inflight connectivity system which is specifically aimed at the light jet and turboprop segments.
The ATG 1000 from Gogo is a powerful solution for pilots who fly light aircraft. By developing partnerships with the industry’s leading app providers – Garmin® (NASDAQ: GRMN), JetFuelX and – Gogo is providing those pilots the ability to fly more safely and efficiently, and save on fuel expenses.
“Using these apps enabled by Gogo’s ATG 1000 system gives aircraft operators a complete solution for pilots and passengers alike,” said Andy Geist, senior vice president of business aviation solutions for Gogo. “It’s partnerships like these that reinforce the increased utility we provide to our customers’ inflight connectivity investments, especially on light jets and turboprops.”
Using the Gogo Biz network, the ATG 1000 system also enables voice, high-performance email with attachments, and calling and texting with passengers’ own smartphones and mobile numbers.
The ATG 1000 system will support the following apps, which will be available mid-fourth quarter of 2016:
Garmin PilotTM
As a leading provider of cockpits to the light jet market, Garmin Pilot provides electronic flight bag capabilities including rich, interactive mapping, 3D Vision, aviation weather, Lockheed Martin flight-plan filing, pilot logbook, along with full-featured navigation.  When connected to the GoGo Biz network, or with a compatible receiver, traffic and weather information may be received in flight.  Garmin Pilot supports pilots around the globe with comprehensive worldwide textual weather data, along with animated radar, infrared and visible satellite imagery for the U.S., Western Europe, Australia and Canada. In addition, Garmin has partnered with Jeppesen to allow pilots to view Jeppesen terminal charts in the Garmin Pilot application.
Users can view animated radar, check upper-level winds and current METARs, or overlay a variety of weather data on the map to see how cloud cover or precipitation will affect a flight. The exclusive NavTrack feature lets pilots preview how changing weather conditions might alter a flight. In the U.S., Garmin Pilot provides fuel prices from AirNav to help ensure the most economical flight. Once your preflight planning is complete, Garmin Pilot allows users to file VFR flight plans worldwide and VFR/IFR flights in the US and Canada via Lockheed Martin. 
JetFuelX, a ForeFlight® Company 
Developed by pilots, for operators, JetFuelX is a free web-based fuel card management service that makes it easy for owners and operators of turbine aircraft to save money by quickly finding the lowest prices available from their multiple jet fuel discount program memberships. It is optimized for use on any device – desktop computer, tablet, or smart phone – and is designed to be used on inflight broadband without bogging down the connection.
JetFuelX is designed to help everyone from individual pilots to large flight departments, including charter operators, quickly pinpoint the best jet fuel prices and eliminate the frustrating and time-consuming task of managing and comparing multiple fuel card and FBO discount programs. Customers can manage unlimited fuel card memberships and aircraft profiles, view all prices available at the planned destination, compare prices in real-time with nearby airports, and submit fuel releases in a matter of seconds.
FltPlan Go
The free FltPlan Go app is an indispensable companion to the website and incorporates essential features and tools for in-flight and offline use. Highlights of the FltPlan Go app features include: approach plates on maps; animated weather; auto syncing of NavLogs, weather, routes; split screen; moving maps; geo-referenced approach plates and taxi charts; in-flight weather; checklists; airport and FBO information; along with many additional features.
Logistically, ATG 1000 customers will obtain apps directly from the respective providers and maintain any required subscriptions. Ongoing data usage for the apps will be covered by the customer’s choice of Gogo Biz data plan, and no additional setup fees or subscriptions are required.
Additional Mobile Apps Currently Enabled on the ATG 1000 System
ForeFlight Mobile, by ForeFlight
FlightAware Flight Tracker, by FlightAware®
WSI PilotBrief OptimaTM, by The Weather Company, an IBM® Business
myGDC, by Honeywell®
Gogo at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh
Gogo will showcase a complete range of global and U.S. domestic in-flight connectivity
and entertainment solutions across both business aviation and commercial aviation, at the annual EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, July 25-31 in Oshkosh, Wis., at Booth #495, adjacent to Boeing Centennial Plaza.