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Scandinavian Avionics And GE Aviation Signs MOU Agreement


Scandinavian Avionics
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Scandinavian Avionics And GE Aviation Signs MOU Agreement

Today Scandinavian Avionics and GE Aviation (GE) signed a collaboration agreement for the potential F/A-18 Super Hornet offset project.

GE is a key partner on the Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet platform, – which is one of three potential new fighter
jets for Denmark.

The signing between GE and Scandinavian Avionics today is an agreement to collaborate on potential
projects in support of the military and commercial aerospace industry. Marked by the agreement, GE looks
to explore and grow the opportunities presented with Scandinavian Avionics, in the civil and military aero-
space segment, concerning logistic support, maintenance, repair, integration and training support in avionics

Søren E. Petersen, VP, Military Sales, Scandinavian Avionics:

“This collaboration agreement with GE Aviation is a recognition of our work and expertise in avionics. Scandinavian Avionics is a global business based on more than 37 years of experience in avionics, and we look forward to exploring how this opportunity can benefit our company and the Danish industry in general."

The signing event today, also included agreements with GE and three other danish companies: Bruel &
Kjaer, Danish Aerotech and Flatirons. These collaboration agreements outline the potential for GE to develop
programs with Danish companies to establish long-term impact to the Danish aerospace industry.

GE currently has about 170 employees in Denmark in the energy, healthcare and oil and gas industries. GE
industrial revenue in Denmark for 2014 was approximately $225 million (USD).

Hans Enocson, CEO, GE Nordic:

“GE currently has a strong presence in Denmark in the energy, healthcare and oil and gas industries, and with these new agreements, looks forward to establishing similar long-term ties with Danish industry as we grow and expand our presence in the Danish aerospace segment."