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Main Contact: Pat Dawson

Telephone: +1 949 474 4200



Address: 300 Spectrum Center Drive, Suite 700 Irvine, CA 92618, USA

Flatirons Jouve

Flatirons Jouve™ provides content lifecycle management solutions that transforms complex data into actionable information, driving measurably higher productivity, asset utilization, and compliance levels.


The CORENA Suite by Flatirons Jouve is the leading content lifecycle management (CLM) solution developed specifically for organizations that rely on mission-critical data to design, manufacture, operate, or maintain complex assets over their product and service lifecycles as well as across multi-echelon business networks.

For more than 25 years, the world’s leading airlines, aerospace manufacturers, OEMs, and defense organizations have relied on the CORENA product suite to create, manage, and deliver large volumes of technical information throughout its lifecycle. Today, CORENA customers rely on the CORENA suite to modernize their IT infrastructures, improve customer satisfaction, and maintain their competitive advantage.

The CORENA Suite includes the Flatirons Jouve CORENA Fleet Solution, a set of applications that helps airlines create, optimize, deliver and consume flight operations manuals, company manuals, and other documentation critical for flight crews using Apple’s iPad®, Microsoft Surface™ or Android™ tablets.


  • Flatirons Jouve's CORENA Fleet Solution easily deploys to various tablets and facilitates 100% regulatory compliance.

  • Reduce dependency on paper, eliminate the weight of flight bags, and lower both fuel consumption and fuel costs by easily deploying flight operations and company manuals to the iPad

  • Give your crews fast access to the most current information available by rapidly deploying information to thousands of iPad users dispersed across geographies

  • Make it easy for crews to find the right information quickly by letting them make personal notes and add bookmarks in digital manuals

  • Facilitate regulatory compliance and reporting by automatically tracking and auditing crew acknowledgement of updates and changes

  • Improve the consistency and accuracy of flight operations and company manuals by using a single source of reusable information

  • Make it easier for authors to create, edit, and disseminate information by using a streamlined workflow, and implement version control using a content management system

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