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Main Contact: Patrick Hallmann

Telephone: +49 30 408 1895 - 0



Address: Ovidius GmbH Alte Jakobstr. 79-80 10179 Berlin Germany

Ovidius GmbH

Ovidius GmbH is a specialist for professional XML data management within technical documentation. Our company was founded in 1996 in Berlin and has continuously increased its product range since. With the takeover of the Schwerin based software company EasyBrowse at the beginning of 2008 Ovidius expanded its expertise as a provider of complete solutions for technical documentation. EasyBrowse is a wholly-owned subsidiary developing and distributing comprehensive solutions for electronic publication of data on CD, DVD, mobile devices and online.

TCToolbox Airline Edition

Ovidius GmbH + EasyBrowse GmbH

Ovidius GmbH is a specialist for professional XML data management systems for technical documentation within mission critical industries. We have a broad and deep experience of aeronautical documentation processes. With NATS Services (commissioned by the CAA UK) we have jointly developed a system for the largely automated creation of AIPs and with TCToolbox/Airline Edition, we deliver a solution for TUI Group which allows to efficiently create, manage and publish OMs for all 5 airlines in the group. Core manuals were merged into group manuals. Powerful filter and publishing processes allow to generate airline/country specific manuals from the group manuals. Ovidius is certified according to DIN EN 9100:2009.

EasyBrowse GmbH – an Ovidius subsidiary - is specialized in software for powerful electronic publications that can be run offline on EFBs, online as web based application or on Tablet-PCs. The flagship software EB.Suite provides comprehensive solutions for manuals based on SGML, XML and PDF.

Together we have developed TCToolbox Airline Edition.

TCToolbox Airline Edition is a software package specifically configured for airlines which allows you to significantly reduce time required to create audit-proof manuals and comply with the sector’s strict safety and traceability standards. It is designed to support the full revision cycle of your manuals:

* Collect change requests for your next release with ARC-Desk, a web-based system that allows you to directly annotate existing manuals.
* Revise your manuals in TCToolbox, our native XML CMS – which ensures strict revision control for native and third party documentation
* Review and approve the changes in ARC-Desk. Any number of reviewing and approval cycles can be configured – from internal approval to approval by national authorities.
* Publish your content as PDF with all relevant features like list of actual changes, list of effective pages or chapters, change marks etc.
* Publish you content for EFB applications or the intranet with EB.4aviation. You get the full benefits of an automatically created application featuring filtering by registration, daytime/night-time mode, change marks in documents, online update or offline update via USB stick, and much more.

Ovidius and EasyBrowse are part of the gds-group.
Please get into contact with us for a webdemo of our system on our website. You can also connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or XING.