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Flight Operations Software Demo and Overview Webinars are regularly scheduled hosted by a different IT vendor.  These sessions provide the airline and aircraft operator with the perfect introduction to a Vendor's software solution.  

Webinar check list:
  • The Software demos and overviews take place regularly.
  • You can join every session, search through the list on the right to pick and choose your Vendor session or use the calendar below to view the dates for every scheduled session.
  • Each session takes around 1 hour and will provide you with a good overview of the software solution
  • You can ask questions during the session using your Questions Box or simply sit back and view and listen.
  • To sign into a session, you will need to request entry by clicking on 'Register for Webinar'.  The host vendor confirms the participants so only sign up using your company email address so you can be easily verified.  Other vendors will not be permitted to join the sessions.
  • There are 2 sessions during the day 10 hours apart to allow all time zones to participate. 
On-Demand Webinars:

Each Webinar is recorded and posted back to the Aircraft IT website shortly after the live session.  The Aircraft IT On-Demand Webinar library now has 50+ videos for you to view.

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March 2018


Flight Dispatch, Briefing and Journey Log Software Demonstration Webinar

Webinar Session 1 - 07:00 UTC/GMT- 22nd March 2018 - Flight Dispatch, Briefing & Journey Log Webinar
Webinar Session 2 - 15:00 UTC/GMT- 22nd March 2018 - Flight Dispatch, Briefing & Journey Log Webinar

Register to attend this Webinar to see a full overview and live demo of the popular flight dispatch, crew briefing and journey log software solution, skybook from BYTRON. During the Webinar you will see how skybook assists airlines and operators to make the jump from outdated ops and dispatch processes to a modern, paperless solution that integrates with other core systems, including rostering and flight planning, to provide one portal for all vital flight information and briefing data, including: flight dispatch, crew briefing, airfield situation awareness, weather, NOTAM, RAIM, flight plan, charts, documents, manuals forms and more.

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