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These Webinar recorded video files offer you the perfect opportunity to quickly see a live overview of the major Flight Operations software systems on the market.  Each demonstration lasts for 1 hour and provides airlines and aircraft operators with the perfect introduction to an Ops software solution.

How to view a Recorded Webinar session:
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Logipad - EFB Apps Demo and Digital Flight Processes Overview Webinar [Pre-recorded]

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 25th July) to see a full overview and system demo of Logipad – an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) App and software solution designed to make flight management simple, fast and smart for pilots, crew and ground staff alike. During the Webinar, DextraData EFB experts will walk you through Logipad's key features, including how it seamlessly maintains and updates all key documents, manuals, data charts and Apps (inc. 3rd party Apps such as Lido, Jeppesen, etc.) on all EFB devices (iOS and Windows) for each specific flight, as well as how pilots use a single-sync solution to ensure they have all the info they need prior to each flight. You will also see the latest developments such as Device-to-Device Communication which allows briefing data to be exchanged between pilots' devices and how to create and customize online forms using the eForms Module and eFormGenerator. Finally you will see how Logipad digitizes and optimizes EFB and Flight processes.

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Vistair - Digital Aviation Manuals and Document Management Demo On-Demand Webinar [Pre-recorded]

Register to view this On-Webinar (recorded 18th July 2019) and join the aviation technology experts at Vistair as they highlight the common challenges airlines face when manipulating XML/SGML formats for Manuals and Documents and demo how their fully supported document management solution, DocuNet, can improve regulatory compliance, operational efficiency and safety.

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dgBirds - EFB as a Service App for Pilots and Flight Ops Admin Demo On-Demand Webinar [Pre-recorded]

Register to attend this Webinar for an excellent chance to see a full overview and demo of the flexible, powerful and easy to use EFB as a Service App from dgBirds, designed for Pilots, Cabin Crew and EFB Administrators. As you will see the App provide a full, easy to administrate and to use, integrated EFB solution for all phases of flights; but airlines and aircraft operators can also design and construct their own system, by only selecting the services that match their exact requirements, or selecting specific services to integrate with or enhance an existing EFB platform. You will see how the App enables a seamless move to fully paperless Flight Operations and improves operational performance, sharing data and allowing air crew to quickly access their critical information with a single tap.

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NAVBLUE - Digital OCC Software Suite Innovations Demo On-Demand Webinar [Pre-recorded]

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 13th June) for an excellent chance to see a full overview and demo of NAVBLUE's powerful and innovative, digital N-Ops Control Center (N-OCC) suite of solutions. Leveraging big-data analytics, modern systems architecture, and the expertise and capabilities of Airbus Services, the N-OCC suite transitions OCC users towards focusing on value-added operational engagements. As you will see, the solutions provide airlines with configurable digital systems that can be fine-tuned to meet their specific operational requirements, highly automated and integrated, and agile to allow for manage-by-exception operations.

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Openairlines - Fuel Efficiency Solutions using Big Data Analytics Demo Webinar [Pre-recorded]

Register to view this on-demand webinar (recorded 6th June 2019) for an excellent opportunity to see a live demo and a full overview of SkyBreathe® Fuel Efficiency, the innovative eco-flying solution from OpenAirlines. During this Webinar, OpenAirlines’ experts will demonstrate SkyBreathe’s latest developments and how it assists all sizes of airlines and aircraft operators with all fleet types worldwide, to reduce their first cost driver by 2 to 5%.

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